The History of the Vine

Bill and Brenda Reece

Bill and Brenda Reece were the first in Cherokee County and started by growing a small crop of grapes at their home in Andrews in 1997. Later they moved their operation to Brenda’s family’s 69-acre farm in Martins Creek and created a vineyard out of 12 acres. Bill has been around farms all his life and had a passion to challenge growing French -hybrid vines. In 2006 the vineyard offered the first fruits to the people of Cherokee county.


Elaine and her father Bill were close and always together planning adventures and challenges. The vineyard was a great daughter and daddy development. Elaine aspires to carry on to nothing less but to achieve her father’s dreams. 

Elaine and her husband John now operate the family winery and has made some diverse improvements to the establishment. The winery now offers fruit wines and has developed camping spots along with gorgeous ponds along side the Martins Creek which flows through out the vineyards. 

Valley River Vineyards Murphy NC wine

 Elaine and her husband John 

Valley River Vineyards is a “mom and pop” operation, locally owned by Elaine Reece the daughter of the late Bill and Brenda Reece. The family winery grows their own grapes, bottle their own wine and sell what is produced directly to the consumer at the winery off Martins Creek road. 

Valley River Vineyards LLC

4689 Martin's Creek Rd., Murphy, NC 28906, US

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